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The name is Sopheak Meak, pronunced "So-Pek". I am 29 and a recent graduate of the computer animation program at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario Canada. I am also a graduated from BA animation program of the same school, class of 2010.

I don't just love to draw, I love to create something whether it's characters, stories, or whatever that is fun. Recently I have been fascinated with game production. Although I grew up dabbing in game engines such as Rpg Maker and Game Maker I wasn't really well informed on the video game scene, I just loved the artistic culture of videogames.  Later, I helped a friend and his startup team with a simple flash game and I found myself facinated with the gaming development. In 2013, I enrolled in Computer animation to broaden my skill set to get into the gaming industry. Rencently, I have embarked on a journey to learn more about game development. With that, I have decided to teach myself "Unity3D" and using a third party Visual Scripting called "Playmaker" and was able to make simple games on my own. Please take a look at my stuff and...

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